Spiritual Laws

If we embrace the spiritual laws of this land,
We’d be more healthy and wealthy than the laws made by man,
BALANCE maybe the most important of all,
With out it we could be in for a fall.

Those that GIVE a lot need to learn to RECEIVE,

Those that receive a lot are living life with greed,

When one is in balance one feels strong and tall,

A balanced community will bring abundance for all.

CHOICES we have believe it or not,

I look at man kind I don’t see that a lot,

A lot of people with that would not agree,

I ‘m talking about choices with INTEGRITY.

INTEGRITY is about me, COMPASSION is about them,

Do I feel guilty, do I condemn,

FAITH is being on my path, trusting the PROCESS,

EXPECTATIONS with positive beliefs enjoying the success.

PRESENCE in the now, is a great place to be,

Embracing the moment allows one to be free,

PROCESS step by step is a joy to behold,

Not haunted by the past or a fear of getting old.

SURRENDER to the moment while on our path,

UNITY with balance while coming from the heart,

CYCLES is what goes out will come back’

Understanding the laws of Spirit will clear all the crap.

Dave a poet

Dave a Poet with flare,

He loved his fellow being he really cared,

Poetry his journey to fame,

on ski’s in the snow, is where he loved to play.

From the Sky snow falls on mother earth,

On shoots and Gully’s, leave’s beautiful curve’s,

The deep dry snow is a lure,

Its an experience that looks and feels so pure.

Also climbing caving and driving a van,

taking friends and stranger’s to enjoy what he can,

One of many thing’s about Dave I will miss the most,

He’s not only caring and supportive, he’s a great host.

Thanks for sharing your last moments with me,

It was great in the snow a feeling of being free,

I have thought while out there in the snow,

When my time is up, your choice would be a nice way to go.

Thanks Dave for being part of my life

Whenever I was with you there was no strife.

21st Aug 01 ( : POETRY

Poetry to me, I can express how I feel,

Its what I experience, for me it is real,

is there a right, is there a wrong,

I look at our world, what is going on.

This year three people I knew passed away,

Two had been struggling, the third seemed ok,

I understand why we are here and all about god,

When I talk about it, some think I am odd.

It does not matter what they think about me,

I’ve never felt so healthy, wealthy and free,

not in my body, my bank , my society,

In my soul, in this place, enjoying my own company.

All that hold me back are my shackle’s and bonds,

My journey is to break free and become strong,

I love this challenge to me its not odd,

My soul is on a journey back to the kingdom of god.

July 3rd 01 ( : CHANGE

On September 11th in the year 2001,

Changes in the way we live, have just begun,

Thousands of people lost their lives,

In a tragedy that affected every ones life.

Change can be for the better, or for worse,

My choice is to let go of the curse,

Negative issue’s around power and money,

Lets be positive and enjoy the honey.

Money a symbol, in need of a change,

Away from power, greed and gain,

There’s enough to feed and care for our people,

Lets live in peace by being reasonable.

The Pentagon , the center for the armed forces,

Power to control, then defend its cause’s,

Weapons and chemicals, the scourge of our land,

Time to learn and grow, to deal a new hand.

4th October 2001 🙂  Fantail

While walking under the shade of the willow tree’s,

beautiful sounds come to me,

As I look around what do I see,

Fantail’s flying with amazing ease.

As they fly from branch to branch,

Singing there song with a beautiful dance,

As I walk through the trees,

They fly and eat insects around me.

I pick up a small branch,

Up close they do dance,

After a while they get used to me,

They land on my branch, I feel like a tree.

Watching them play totally free,

They have no stress about house’s and money,

This connection with nature, fantail’s and tree’s,

Enhance’s my life, what a joy to just be.

13th March 2001 ( : Stay In Touch

Being a Leo by the river under the shade of the Willow Trees,

Cooling the fire within it also heals and energizes me,

Fantail’s fly from branch to branch,

Singing their song with a beautiful dance.

Walking from the shade embraced by the sun,

With my hat, shades and my sun cream on,

Feeling his lovely warm healing rays,

Its great to be alive on yet another beautiful day.

Walking in nature along Mother Earths path,

a connection to the whole and feelings from the heart,

Awareness’s, insights and sometimes poetry,

Come into my thoughts a feeling of being free.

Enjoying the spiritual aspects of my life,

Being in Harmony there is no strife,

Understanding the self I enjoy very much,

I’m more in balance when I Stay in Touch.

20th Feb 2001 ( :   MY SOUL

My body is a carriage for my soul,

From when I am born until I get old,

He feels all the love and feels all the hurt,

If there’s no love he gets covered with dirt.

The more of the hurt, more layers are laid,

Till were on our knees and we start to pray,

That’s when we open up and let god come in,

Then the layer of dirt starts to get thin.

My soul is on a journey to the Kingdom of God,

Many carriages he may enter, some will be odd,

Many journeys the soul may have to take,

To find the right path to enjoy God’s embrace.

30th April 2001 ( : Community

Many years ago in 1950,

I arrived in a community with a vision and a destiny,

Times seemed hard and sometimes felt tough,

Dad worked for his pay and came home angry with his stuff.

I remember as a boy being outside, having a play,

It was safer in the streets, the fields and having fun in the hay,

Our doors were never locked, neighbors and friends popped in,

For a cuppa a chat and the odd glass of gin.

Then in the sixties the fields we used to play,

They started building houses the fields got further away,

They tore down old prefabs, put high rise flats in there place,

Now outside was a feeling of being unsafe.

Where was my path what happened to my vision,

The pains in my heart were replaced with the television,

By the seventies my town was almost a city,

I settled down had kids and looked at my community.

What do’s that word mean, comm-unity,

I looked at peoples faces they were angry, sad and full of pity,

By the eighties tools stolen from my van was not nice,

My daughter assulted over the park and we were burgled twice,

One night my wife forgot her key to the door,

Halfway through a window, a thief stole her bag and got a good look at her drawers.

What has become of the human race,

Feeling trapped insecure and not very safe,

Missiles pionting everywhere, earths destruction a fear,

Wondering wether humanity will last the year.

My hearts desire was to get out of this place,

We looked afar for a new safe space,

My brother had been in New. Zealand for a couple of years,

It sounded great and miles away from all these fears.

Again locked doors, distrust no longer free,

Now out of balance what causes it of course, money,

Feeling pain in my heart not happy with what I see,

21 years of marriage fell apart, it was time to leave the city.

Again feeling unsafe not knowing where to go,

I decided on Wanaka, to learn to play in the snow,

Driving past Mt Iron looking out at what I could see,

A feeling of excitement, it felt like the place for me.

For seven years now I’ve rarely locked my door,

There’s trust, support, life’s no longer a chore,

Happy and friendly faces the world passes through and sees,

A very special community almost living in harmony.

All of a sudden the towns growing very fast,

Worry’s and fears again haunt from the past,

Who’s planning this, who decides how we grow,

A lot of people I know are not happy with the flow.

All of us in Wanaka are part of this community,

Its a shame some fill their pockets and live life with greed,

Can’t they see life here has a abundance for all,

The healthy, the wealthy, the week and the small.

Life has been full and happy in this beautiful place,

It gives me strength but most of all hope for the human race,

I’ve realized my vision and destiny,

By living in balance and not being greedy,

My door is always open so please feel free,

Pop in for a chat and a cup of herbal tea.

Being in Auckland was a nice place to be,

After living in Luton, you’d know what I mean,

Lots of space, friendly people popped in for a chat,

Then the market crashed, old patterns reappeared and all that crap.

February 2000 🙂 The Karaka Tree

Walking along the beach at Nape Nape,

I see a few seals swimming in the sea,

I look back in land at all the trees,

Clinging to the cliffs lovely and green.

Listening to the waves hitting the beach,

A joy being here its right up my street,

Feeling the suns warm healing rays,

I’m really enjoying these beautiful days.

The beach is so long ,

The waves sound so strong,

White surf rolling up on the beach,

Making soft sounds and covering my feet.

Then the whiteness came rushing in,

It came in so fast it went up past my shin,

It felt cool, and creamy too,

I started to run shouting yahoo.

I’m glad I came to this beautiful place,

The last six days of process to integrate,

Last nights saga, got stuck in the sand,

Using lots of driftwood to recover my van.

Further along another beautiful spot,

A strong lone Karaka Tree coming out of the rock,

Climbing the tree memories of being a boy,

Feeling excited like playing with a new toy.

Climbing barefooted connecting to the tree,

Reminded me of Jack acting like a monkey,

Honoring this tree during this hour,

Is giving me strength, I’m gaining in power.

Out of the bark grow lovely green leaves,

A fantail, a bellbird sing and dance around the tree,

Looking around at this sacred space,

I could see Jim’s vision, a circle, the perfect place.

After toning my voice I called in the spirits,

Of my two grandads and my twin Phillip,

Also members of the Karaka tribe,

My higher self and my spirit guides.

I called in Michael and Jim who started the tribe,

They have beautiful hearts so strong and so wise,

Being with them is a real joy to be,

Jim the first man I kissed, it enabled me to see.  

22nd November 2000, ( : Family

My feelings for my family have always been the same,

There with love and compassion, that’ll never change,

If something is upsetting us, get it off our chest,

Release it, let it go, it’ll be for the best.

Holding onto judgement, getting into blame,

Stiffens the body, which can cause some pain,

Relationships are an adventure, we learn and grow,

To share and listen, to go with the flow.

My beliefs have changed with experience’s, there have been much,

They are no reason to drift apart , but to stay in Touch,

I’m happier sharing and resolving my stuff,

My life’s balanced and healthy, no longer rough.

We are a family, part of it we are,

Why be aloof, come from the heart,

Its your stuff how you feel about me,

There for you I will always be.

12th March 2000 ( : Shooters

Shooters what’s that for a name,

Images come of power and pain,

A world threatened with weapons of war,

People with power trying to even the score.

Our bars will feel the pinch, now shooters has arrived,

The best one Barrow’s never survived,

The bars too big for a small town nightlife,

Sticks out a mile and do’s not look nice.

Wanaka is open to the power of greed,

Greed’s unaware were here to break free,

We know a way to be fare that’s to share,

Because people in Wanaka really care.

We live in this beautiful place,

That welcome and embrace every race,

People come here from all over our world,

Leave with memories and a story to be told.

11th October 01 : ). MAN

What’s going on, man likes to tread,

He fills his pocket, while people lay there dead,

They might even be breathing, what do’s he care,

He fills his tank, his ego show’s he’s there.

Flash car, Big house, nothings real,

He do’s not care how you feel,

Land belongs to mother Earth,

He wants to be flash, and come first.

When I look around and see what’s wrong,

Its man singing a horrible song,

To control, Gain power and to Domineer,

Law’s made by man create all the fear.

Man’s journey is to share, learn and grow,

to give as well as receive, to go with the flow,

All this pain inside I want to release,

Man’s power, man’s greed, kills hope for peace.

I don’t feel like a man, its only what I am told,

I’m more than a man, I am a soul.

3rd July 2001.