A Day on Old Glory

Tuesday, March 20, 2018….

 On Sunday two of my touring buddies Dan from Spokane and Brian from Oakridge in Oregon skied together for the first time together since April 2nd 2013.
 Dan has been here all winter and I’ve skied with him a few times but Brian who I haven’t seen since that day in 2013 arrived on Thursday last week and is here for two weeks.
 Also on that day 5 years ago we did the same run that we did on Sunday, photo above.
 Old Glory is the highest mountain in our region at 2378 meters, at the top is a old weather station which is now just a shelter for those that are hiking in the area.
 The Local summer bike and hike track called the 7 summits goes through the top of Old Glory.

 Above is Brian standing outside the hut and in past visits during that 2013 winter we hiked up there 5 times.
 It is a big hike taking 4 hours to get to the top from the highway, there is a short ski down to the skin track after 2 hours of hiking up and then another 2 to the top.
 The weather was blue skies and sun when we started and the cloud came and went on our way up but as we got to the top the cloud came in again luckily for us it was above the mountain top.

 Above is Dan with the ridge we walked up behind him and in the distance in the middle of the photo below the cloud line is Record peak where we have skied a lot during the season and photo’s of the runs in the tree’s have appeared on this blogg.
  The mountains to the left of Record peak is the Red mountain ski area.

 Above is the line’s we skied from the top and down the center of the photo, it was a shame the cloud had come over just as we got to the top after 4 hours of a mixture of sun and cloud.
 With two weeks to go now till Red mountain’s closing day on Easter Monday and then I’ll be here for another week hopefully doing a bit of touring which will probably include another hike up onto Old Glory 🙂